We believe that Small, deliberate steps can help us Achieve Audacious Goals

The Honnold Foundation envisions a world where all people have equal access to opportunity and live in balance with the environment. We believe in solar as a proven, environmentally sound solution to global energy poverty, and we award grants to bold and ethical organizations driving innovation in the solar industry.




Alex Honnold, Founder

Alex is a professional rock climber, best known for his ropeless ascents of some of the world's biggest rock walls. As a matter of principle and practicality, Alex lives as simply as possible. The Honnold Foundation is an extension of that ethic.


Dory Trimble, Executive Director

Dory has worked as a service designer and community organizer since 2011, solving complex problems and building systems from the ground up for orthopaedic surgeons in Utah, undocumented youth in the Dominican Republic, and migrant farmworkers in rural Appalachia. A member of the Honnold Foundation team for the past two years, she’s passionate about solar energy access as a tool for promoting social change.

Dory is based in Salt Lake City, and spends her out-of-office hours trying to get her rock climbing up to Alex’s standards. 


Cynthia Arellano, Project Manager

Cynthia studied Civil Engineering at Rutgers University, where she managed the construction of pedestrian footbridges in Bolivia to help increase connectivity in rural communities. After graduating, she worked as a field engineer in the construction industry. She joined the Honnold Foundation to follow her passion in working towards the empowerment of communities to create long-term, sustainable change.

When she's not on site in Puerto Rico, Cynthia is floating around California and Utah where she feeds her love of climbing and surfing.


Maury Birdwell, Board Chair

In 2012, Maury and Alex created the Honnold Foundation while chatting in the car on the way home from a climbing trip. Their vision was simple: to improve lives and reduce environmental impact. Maury served as the Foundation's Executive Director from 2012 to 2018, and is now the Chairman of the Board. As a lawyer and climber based in Boulder, Colorado, Maury enjoys working with businesses, solving interesting problems, and going on climbing adventures all over the world.


Brittany Gibbons, Board member

Brittany joined the Honnold Foundation as an intern in 2014, and after working in nearly every aspect of the organization, now serves on the board. She earned a graduate degree from Stanford University with a focus on energy engineering, and is also a Data Scientist at Tesla. She loves using data to shed new light on complicated issues, and cares deeply about promoting access to sustainable energy.


Peter Martin, Board member

Peter is the Director of Philanthropy at Tides. Before joining Tides, Peter was a philanthropic advisor to individuals and family foundations. In that role he helped establish new charitable entities and advised clients on their philanthropic plans, programmatic priorities, and grant-making portfolios. Previously, he served 15 years at the Sierra Club, including eight years as executive director of the Sierra Club Foundation.

Peter lives in Marin County, CA with his wife Emily and two sons. When not racing around to meetings, you’ll find Peter on the trails of Mt. Tam or in the Sierra Nevada seeking adventure and refuge from the daily grind.


Len NEcefer, Board member

Len Necefer, Ph.D., is an assistant professor with joint appointments with the American Indian Studies program & the Udall Center for Public Policy at the University of Arizona. He’s also the founder & CEO of Colorado-based outdoor apparel company NativesOutdoors, and holds a doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy.

Previously he worked with the Department of Energy’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs. In his spare time, Len is an avid outdoor adventurer, using rock and ice climbing, high altitude & ski mountaineering, and bikepacking to convey stories focused on the environment & indigenous history.


Brady Robinson, Board member

Brady Robinson is a climber and conservationist whose career has included over a decade at Outward Bound and 11 years running the Access Fund, the national organization that keeps climbing areas open and conserved. He now works for Tompkins Conservation, helping to create national parks in Chile and Argentina, reintroduce missing species, and fostering economic vitality as a consequence of conservation.


Nancy Feagin, Board member

Nancy Feagin is a CPA based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Prior to becoming an accountant, Nancy was a climbing guide in the Tetons for Exum Mountain Guides and a sponsored climber. Adventuring in the outdoors is where she finds her happy place. In recent years, her husband and teenage son have become interested in canyoneering, so her family can often be found exploring remote canyons in southern Utah.

Nancy lives her life with a daily intention to be thoughtful and kind to others, mindful of our environment, and reduce our impact whenever we can.  Growing up in a military family instilled in Nancy a duty to contribute to society.  Nancy is proud to make that contribution by serving on the board of the Honnold Foundation.


Join the Honnold foundation Team

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We’re also accepting applications for a Salt Lake City based interns. Applications for remote internships will not be considered at this time; if you’re looking for a remote position, we expect to launch a remote internship in early 2020.


The Honnold Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.