In response to proposed open-pit mining in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, husband and wife Alexis Massol and Tinti Deyá gathered community members to oppose the mining and the destruction it would bring to their small, mountain town. Casa Pueblo emerged from this resistance, and has since expanded its focus to include many aspects of environmental conservation and sustainable development. Housed in a building completely run by solar power since 1999, Casa Pueblo is an outspoken advocate for solar energy and the way it can improve lives– the organization has helped install solar on homes, grocery stores, restaurants, and fire stations in Adjuntas to help business owners cut costs on their energy bills. 

Energy independence means sustainability for the island. It means economic activation and reducing our ecological footprint.
— Arturo Massol-Deyá, Associate Director

After Hurricane Maria in 2017, Casa Pueblo became an energy oasis, providing electricity to charge phones and store food and medicine, and distributing over 15,000 solar lamps.  The Honnold Foundation is proud to support Casa Pueblo in creating a community-owned solar microgrid for businesses and homes in Adjuntas. 


Casa Pueblo serves as a model for Adjuntas and the rest of Puerto Rico, demonstrating the power of solar energy to create resilient communities in the wake of disasters like Maria.